Mediation is the process of attempting to resolve a problem without resorting to the adversarial court system.  Mediation can occur in relation to almost any type of dispute.  Mediators and trained in dispute resolution and do not to take sides.  In recent years, there has been a move in the legal system away from contested litigation towards mediated dispute resolution.  

The role of the mediator is to create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion of the problem and to assist in defining what the problem in dispute is about.  The mediator makes sure that the discussion stays on track and supports the parties in reaching a resolution.  A lawyer acting as a mediator does not judge who is right or wrong and does not give legal advice.   In the event that mediation is not successful, the mediator cannot act for either of the parties.

We are proud to offer mediation services at Todd & Drake.  If you have questions about mediation or to book an appointment with a mediator, please contact the office at 780.594.7151 or email